The Durango Lifestyle

Durango, Colorado

The Durango Lifestyle

In Durango, we measure lifestyle and wealth differently. You see, it's not about who you are or how much money you have. In Durango, lifestyle is measured mostly by your tan-lines and Strava times. What passes for the vacation of a lifetime to some is just normal life in these hills.

Make no mistake, Durango is all about outdoor lifestyle.

Anywhere you turn here, you'll see people off on a daily adventure in their chosen sport. Here, where the average grandma can drop most of us on her favorite mountain bike ride, our lifestyle and our activities are inseparable. It's not uncommon to even get two or more activities squeezed into a day. Think ski runs in the morning and a bike ride down the valley in the afternoon. Maybe some kayaking, a few casts in the river, and then a mountain bike ride? Or, if you're feeling like more relaxing, a stroll down Main for some world class grub and a cold one.

We love our toys.

A look into the average Durango garage will tell you a lot about our lifestle. More bikes than cars, and the rest of the available space filled with kayaks, rafts, skis, snowboards, golf clubs, climbing gear, backpacks... well, you get the picture. We have more professional athletes and Olympians per capita than any other city in America. You'll occasionally see them... usually passing at a high rate of speed.
Durango's favorite pastime: running!
Healthiest place in America: Durango.
Average number of sport helmets in the garage: 11.

Some hike, slog, or float... And they couldn't be happier.

We get lost on thousands of miles of trails that can be reached from the edges of town. From hard packed dry land trails to soaking mountain stream hikes, Durango's got something for everyone willing to go for it. Excellent rafting and kayaking can be found right in downtown, and the surrounding area provides miles of river to enjoy. It goes without saying that if you're hiking anywhere near water, a fishing rod will pay dividends.

We relish foul and inclement weather...

Probably because the weather is almost always perfect. Ugh - 300+ days of blue skies and sun.

In weather that would send most home with a good book, we shred, rip and dice. We fly. Huck. Jump. And for sure, we drop in. When we're not launching, spinning, jibbing, or zooming, you'll probably find us eating and drinking. Durango is home to world class cuisine and plentiful excellent microbreweries, wineries, and even a distillery.

And we compete!

We are F-A-S-T. Our peeps, our kids, our community... we love to compete and most things are done with a liberal helping of adrenaline. Come prepared. Durango has grown champions in a variety of extreme sports and there's a good reason for it. You'll see them happily grinding away on our local trails from valley to mountain top, exploiting the opportunity to get in thousands of feet of vertical so close to town, or even IN town. If it has 2 wheels we tend to race it.

So what does wealth mean in Durango?

In southwestern Colorado, wealth is acknowledged not by your portfolio, but by your Strava times, how much vertical you climbed that day on your bike, or how much vert you got shredding down the mountain. It's measured by what you caught at the lake, or at least how much time you spent trying.

It's shown by the fact that you did all this before most people in America are out of bed!

Summer or winter, we can see what you've been doing by your tan lines and your smile lines. And that's the lifestyles of the "rich and famous" in Durango, Colorado.

If you are coming we can help.

If the Durango, Colorado lifestyle sounds good, then we are the real estate team for you. We consider ourselves a blend of old-school and new-school - we're experienced, hard-working, hyper-competitive and professional. It has made us a top Durango area Real Estate Team. We blessed to lead a wealthy and abundant lifestyle - by example. And you'll know it right away - when you see our tan-lines!

At Nest Property Group we promote the Durango lifestyle by example. We can help because we're out doing all this stuff and know the ropes! You need to know the best ride, best spot or which waterfall to jump, hit us up.